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New Delhi: Congress slammed Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Thursday for his criticism of Rahul Gandhi’s remarks within the UK, saying the Rajya Sabha president is an arbiter and can’t be a cheerleader for any dispensation in energy. The Congress backlash got here after Deputy Speaker and Rajya Sabha Chairman Dhankhar attacked Gandhi for his feedback concerning the disabling of microphones in parliament and mentioned he could be on the ‘fallacious facet’ of the Constitution if he did. he was silent on the matter.

Congress criticizes Vice President Dhankhar

In an announcement, Congress Secretary General for Communications Jairam Ramesh famous that at an occasion on Thursday to mark a guide launch, the Vice President made some remarks about Rahul Gandhi’s speech on the United Kingdom. “There are sure places of work that require us to shed our biases, our partisan allegiances and require us to shed any propaganda that we could have absorbed alongside the best way.

“The office of the Vice President of India, an office to which the Constitution confers the additional responsibility of being the President of the Rajya Sabha, is the first of these,” Ramesh mentioned. The vice chairman’s assertion on Gandhi was subsequently stunning to say the least, he mentioned. “He (Dhankhar) rushed to the defense of a government from which he is constitutionally bound to be independent and in a way that was both confusing and disappointing,” Ramesh mentioned.

He mentioned Rahul Gandhi did not say something overseas that he did not say many occasions right here. “And unlike some other people, his position doesn’t vary depending on where he is,” Ramesh mentioned.

The Congress chief argued that Gandhi’s assertion was factual and consultant of the truth on the bottom. “Over the past two weeks, more than twelve MPs from opposition parties have received notices of breach of privilege for protesting against the suppression of their voice in Parliament on an issue that disturbs the ruling regime,” he mentioned. he declared.

Over the previous eight years, channels and newspapers have been blocked, raided and intimidated to the purpose that the one voice heard is that of the federal government, he alleged. Institutions that maintained a studied distance from the governments of the previous at the moment are subordinated to the purpose that they suffocate with any order or discover themselves contradictory to the regime in place, he argued.

“Those who are dissenting are penalized. There may not be a declaration of emergency but make no mistake, the actions of this regime are not those of a safe government that respects the Constitution,” he mentioned. mentioned Ramesh.

The Vice President’s remarks on this event, in addition to on some earlier ones, serve solely to underscore this level, he alleged. In these occasions, to be petrified by dissent could be a betrayal of the Constitution and all the things our founding fathers fought for, he mentioned.

“We in the Indian National Congress have been the most consistent voice in opposition to this regime and we will continue to do so,” Ramesh mentioned. “The President, nevertheless, is an arbiter, arbiter, good friend, thinker and information to all. He can’t be a cheerleader for any dispensation in energy. History measures leaders not on the zeal with which they defended their social gathering, however on the dignity with which they defended their social gathering the place they exercised their position within the service of the individuals,” mentioned the secretary common of the Congress.

In a tweet, the group in cost of Congress Secretary General KC Venugopal additionally denounced the vice chairman. “Distorting parliamentary proceedings is unbecoming of the vice president’s office,” he mentioned. “Opposition MPs’ microphones are routinely muted and the debates hit a new low in the last session when the LS chairman cleared Rahul Gandhi’s allegations of the Adani scam,” Venugopal mentioned. .

Instead of denying one thing that’s within the public eye, the vice chairman ought to be sure that the opposition has sufficient area to lift points of public significance, irrespective of how badly they put the federal government Modi uncomfortable, he mentioned.

Dhankhar criticizes Rahul Gandhi’s remarks

Speaking at an occasion to launch veteran Congress chief and former parliamentarian Karan Singh’s guide on the Mundaka Upanishad, Dhankhar spoke at size in regards to the former Congress speaker’s remarks made in London.

“The world applauds our historic achievements and our functioning and vibrant democracy. Some of us, including overworked parliamentarians, engage in a thoughtless and unjust bashing of our well-nurtured democratic values,” he mentioned. .

Rahul Gandhi instructed British parliamentarians in London on Monday that the working microphones of the Lok Sabha are sometimes silenced towards the opposition. He made the remark at an occasion hosted by veteran Indian-born opposition Labor MP Virendra Sharma within the Grand Committee Chamber of the House of Commons complicated.

In his remarks, the Vice President mentioned, “How can we justify such gratuitous orchestration of a factually untenable narrative and mark the second…India is having a second of glory as G20 Chair. And there are locals working in overdrive to denigrate us.Such a misplaced mode of campaigning to taint and tarnish our Parliament and our Constitution is simply too critical and distinctive to disregard.

“No political strategy or partisan position can justify compromising our nationalism and our democratic values. I am before a noble soul, my silence on this misadventure… If I observe the silence on this orchestration by a deputy outside the country which is mis- premised and motivated, I would be on the wrong side of the Constitution. It would be constitutional culpability and contempt of my oath,” Dhankhar said, in an obvious reference to Gandhi’s remarks.

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