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Currently in yatra (strolling) nationwide, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi is holding a variety of offbeat conversations, shedding mild on his private life and beliefs exterior of politics.

In one such dialog, Rahul Gandhi not too long ago talked about his food selections and his each day routine. Speaking to famend way of life journalist Kamya Jani Punjabi, Rahul Gandhi revealed that he tends to be non-vegetarian and likes “chicken, mutton, seafood”.

Rahul Gandhi, nonetheless, stated he prevented carbohydrates and remained disciplined when it got here to consuming.

“Normally for lunch we have ‘desi’ khana and for dinner some kind of continental stuff. But I’m quite particular when it comes to food. I’m on a controlled diet so my food is very boring” , stated Rahul Gandhi.

To which, Kamiya Jani jokingly stated, “yes, we’ve seen your abs, so we’re sure about your controlled eating.”

Laughing on the reporter’s remarks, Rahul stated. “Yeah, it is management. I strive to keep away from consuming an excessive amount of sugar.

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