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An ideal conspiracy is unfolding in opposition to the Hindu faith by way of synthetic intelligence. Chat GPT – the newest in synthetic intelligence know-how – has taken the world by storm. In this know-how, the time period GPT refers to Generative Pre-Trained Transformer – a type of robotic – which has a solution to all of your questions.

The GPT Chat solutions all questions by way of its pre-put in coding. It is claimed that Chat GTP might even substitute the Google search engine within the close to future. While there is no doubt that Chat GPT is revolutionary know-how, there is a big trigger for concern – it is biased in opposition to the Hindu faith.

In at present’s DNA, Zee News’ Rohit Ranjan analyzes the obvious manipulation of Chat GPT coding to defame the Hindu faith.

Although it’s stated that Chat GPT learns issues by itself and is a software primarily based on deep machine studying, it’s a undeniable fact that it’s created solely by people.

The bias of the brand new know-how is apparent.

The GPT Chat, whereas answering questions on Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Goddess Sita, makes disparaging remarks. However, when comparable questions are requested concerning the Sikh, Islamic, and Christian religions, the GPT Chat refuses to give a solution, making it clear that it can’t defame a faith.

It appears that scientists from Western nations have developed this know-how in a method that solely defames the Hindu faith, and when comparable questions are requested about different religions, they refuse to reply.


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