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New Delhi:: Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan claimed on Sunday that “fatwas” or Islamic religious edicts have been being used as a political weapon. Mr Khan stated there have been fatwas in opposition to him since he was in Congress. “Kufr fatwas are in fact only given for political reasons and have been used as political weapons,” he instructed a conclave organized by the RSS-linked weekly Panchajanya, and added that the Islam has no place for such edicts.

He was referring to religious edicts the place actions are condemned as “kufr” – that means they place you within the class of religious infidels or disbelievers. Suggesting that Muslim society was not monolithic, Mr Khan stated the clergy in Islam have been created by rulers.

“There are always two points of view in all societies. But those who have power propagate their own ideas. The clergy were created by the rulers so that their decisions could obtain religious legitimacy. “The Islamic faith was taken supported by politics for the reason that dying of the Prophet,” he stated.

“There are not less than 200 situations within the Quran the place it’s stated that solely the creator can determine what is sweet and what’s unhealthy…can be determined when individuals die and meet their creator. No human being, not even the Prophet was solely given the correct to determine based on the Quran,” Khan stated.

The fatwa is a religious decree given by Islamic clerics. “I was not part of the BJP. I used to give my speeches in Hindi. At that time, even for using Hindi words, you could get a fatwa.”.. So the fatwas of kufr are actually solely given for political causes and used as a political weapon,” Khan stated.

Speaking in regards to the variations between him and Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Mr Khan stated it occurred as a result of he got here out in favor of the Citizenship Amendment Act however after he defined to the CM that he was doing his constitutional obligation, there was “no conflict”. .” “There is not any battle with the federal government of Kerala. The second I bought there, the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) got here alongside. They couldn’t abdomen {that a} constitutional workplace in Kerala might help the CAA.

“It’s my oath to protect the Constitution and shield the legislation. So if there’s an assault on this, one thing that the president has given his assent to, for mistaken motives and spreading false info, then it’s my constitutional obligation to defend it,” stated Mr. Khan.

Citing his interactions with Vijayan, Mr Khan stated he instructed him he was simply fulfilling his constitutional obligation. “I instructed the CM that I do know you’re a communist. And even I’m not a follower of organized faith. I’m extra of a follower of spirituality. I instructed him that the sense of dharma is duty .

“And I told him that my responsibility was the Constitution. I told him that you were criticizing me publicly and that I will not feel bad. You are doing your duty and I will do mine. But since then there is no had no tension,” he stated.

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