‘He used to send slips to BJP’: Azad to Jairam Ramesh on ‘Modi-fied DNA’ jibe

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New Delhi: Former Congress chief Ghulam Nabi Azad has responded to Congress MP Jairam Ramesh’s mockery of him for quitting the celebration. Ramesh had made a sarcastic remark about Azad’s DNA and stated the previous Congress chief’s DNA had been “altered”.

Ramesh had tweeted: “A man who has been treated with the utmost respect by the leadership of Congress has betrayed him with his vicious personal attacks that reveal his true character. GNA’s DNA has been altered.”

To this, Ghulam Nabi Azad replied, “The particular person speaking about my DNA, what’s his DNA? He’s solely right here to plant tales in opposition to me? talks about our DNA.

Days after resigning from Congress, Ghulam Nabi Azad alleged he had been “forced” out of the celebration and praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “showing humanity”.

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Speaking to the media right here on Monday, Azad stated Congress doesn’t respect its leaders and “people don’t know our contribution to the party.” While praising the prime minister, he stated: “I understood Modi to be a rude man as he is unmarried, has no children, but he showed his human side when he spoke. in Parliament about the incident that happened with Gujarati tourists when I was Prime Minister.”

In his resignation letter, Azad stated: “Unfortunately, the state of affairs throughout the Congress celebration has reached such a degree of no return that now ‘proxy’s are being supported to take over the management of the celebration. This expertise is doomed to failure, as a result of the celebration has been so utterly destroyed that the state of affairs has turn out to be irremediable. Moreover, the “chosen one” can be nothing greater than a puppet on a string.

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