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New Delhi:: Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, in an interplay at Chatham House in London, known as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) a ‘fundamentalist’ and ‘fascist’ group, alleging that it captured about all Indian establishments. Rahul Gandhi stated, “The nature of democratic competitors in India has fully modified and the reason being that a company known as RSS – a fundamentalist and fascist group has virtually captured nearly each establishment in India.

The Congressman highlighted the situation of Dalits and minorities in India. He stated, “In India you’ll be able to see what’s being executed to Dalits, tribals and minorities. It’s not that Congress says so.

There are articles within the overseas press on a regular basis that say there’s a significant issue with Indian democracy.” The Congress chief additionally talked about how the nation’s varied establishments had been underneath menace.

“It shocked me how well they have captured the various institutions of our country. The press, the judiciary, parliament and the electoral commission are all threatened and controlled in one way or another. “stated Rahul Gandhi.

“You can ask any opposition leader how agencies are used. My phone had Pegasus on it which didn’t happen when we were in power,” he added.

Notably, the Congress chief launched a scathing assault on the Center throughout a lecture on the University of Cambridge, alleging that an assault had been launched on the essential construction of Indian democracy whereas claiming that the spy ware Israeli Pegasus was used to spy on his telephone.

Rahul stated he was warned by intelligence officers to be “careful” when speaking on the telephone as a result of his calls had been being recorded. “I had Pegasus on my telephone myself. A lot of politicians had Pegasus on their telephones. what you say on the telephone as a result of we’re recording issues”.

So it is the fixed strain that we really feel. Case on the opposition. I’ve a variety of criminally accountable instances for issues that ought to on no account be criminally accountable instances. That’s what we’re attempting to defend,” the congress chief stated in his remarks.

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