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Abhishek Banerjee as soon as once more accused the heart of deprivation. He set the tone in opposition to the Delhi authorities from Trinamool’s twenty first July Martyrs rally. The All India General Secretary of Trinamool has made it clear that if the challenge of Bengal isn’t in the name of Bengal, no cash from the heart is required.

Recently, the Union Ministry of Rural Development Navanna knowledgeable in a letter that ‘Bangla’ ought to be faraway from the name of ‘Bangla Awas Yojana’ and ‘Prime Minister’ ought to be inserted. Otherwise, not even one rupee will be given to the state authorities in this challenge. There is quite a bit of debate about it. Mamata Banerjee has raised her voice in opposition to the Center on this subject a number of occasions. Abhishek has been attacking the heart over the similar subject since the July 21 stage. He stated: “The center has stopped money in the rural road scheme of Bengal, Bangla Awas Yojana. Center insults Bengal. I want you to stop giving money. Because, I want to bring out before everyone that your job is to beat Bengal insult.”

Abhishek aimed toward the heart and added: “Bangla will not beg you. Money from Bengal will only go from Bengal to Bengal. We usually are not prepared to promote our spine to Delhi. This is our pleasure. We haven’t, and will not give up like the different events. The challenge will be in the name of Bengal. Otherwise, there isn’t a want for cash. If Mamata may give Lakshmi Bhandar cash to the households of one and a half million housewives, Bangla Awas Yojana will too. The individuals of Bengal usually are not alive by the grace of Delhi. Is Mamata Banerjee not hungry? She didn’t tax anybody. Development can also be happening in Bengal. Give Mamata Banerjee extra time. We will only construct roads with our cash. ”

Abhishek additionally taunts the defectors as ‘traitors’ and ‘Mirzafar’ from the stage. He additionally gave a message to the celebration employees to work collectively once more. Trinamool’s General Secretary of All India has set the goal to win the panchayat elections and kind the authorities in Delhi as an even bigger goal.

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