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J&K:: In a hamlet in southern Kashmir, residents of a distant village of Anantnag have obtained electricity for the first time for the reason that nation’s independence. This enlightenment is not only for their houses, however it can change their lives. The individuals of this Tathan Gujjar Basti of Anantnag had been overjoyed when the sunshine bulb went on. The degree of pleasure was so excessive that even the vitality growth employees danced in entrance of the newly positioned transformer.

People had been overjoyed as a result of for the first time they noticed gentle bulbs lighting up their houses. It is an effort to make life simpler for the villagers as most of India lives in villages and if the villages develop then the nation will develop.

Fazul Khan, a resident of Tathan Top village in South Kashmir, stated: “I am very grateful to the government as well as the electricity utility for easing our problems. We have seen electricity for the first time since independence, now we can have a bit of ease in our daily life,” he added, “previous generations before us in our village could not see electricity, we are grateful to the department for providing us with electricity, our children cannot study well, we see a bright future.” He added.

The authorities is working tirelessly to deliver electricity to a number of villages in Jammu and Kashmir. It isn’t the first village in Kashmir to obtain electricity; According to the info, about 18 villages in Jammu and Kashmir have obtained electricity for the first time since India’s independence, and lots of extra are on the record, a DDP official stated.

Nazir Ahmed, an official with the Energy Development Department, stated “there has been no electricity in these remote parts of Kashmir since independence and we have started electrifying each of these villages in fast-track under the central special program of Har Ghar Bijli Yojna”.

Under the “PMDP “Pradhan Mantri” growth program, the aim of Har Ghar Bijli Yojana is to gentle up each home within the village. The program was launched by the Prime Minister in 2019.

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