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Bengaluru. The language dispute in Karnataka – Hindi vs. Kannada, appears to be rearing its ugly head once more towards the backdrop of current developments relating to the alleged imposition of Hindi by actress-turned-politician Ramya, and mistreatment of the dancer and choreographer Salman Yusuf Khan for not understanding Kannada by Bengaluru airport official. The two incidents sparked the Kannada versus Hindi debate on social media. A video of a motorist asking a passenger in Bengaluru why he ought to communicate Hindi to a passenger has additionally gone viral and sparked a debate. In the video, the motorist is seen refusing to talk to the passenger in Hindi whilst she asks him to talk in Hindi. However, he continues to talk to her in English. “Why should I speak in Hindi? You are in Karnataka, you should speak in Kannada first,” he mentioned in Kannada. After arguments and counter-arguments, the girl will get out of the auto-rickshaw and leaves. This video has additionally gone viral on social media.

Kannada actress-turned-Congress politician Ramya, also referred to as Divyaspandana, had sparked controversy when she mentioned India isn’t just about Hindi and Bollywood.

Ramya mentioned, “I’m also very happy that ‘Naatu Naatu’ was performed in Telugu – it’s time for the world to know that India is not just Hindi. India is not just Bollywood .Stereotypes are lazy thinking.”

An incident by which dancer and choreographer Salman Yusuff Khan was insulted by an immigration officer for not understanding the Kannada language was revealed at KempeGowda International Airport in Bangalore on Wednesday.

Khan alleged that the official questioned him for not understanding the Kannada language regardless of being born in Bengaluru and used a “threatening tone”.

“I’m a proud Bangalorian. But what I faced today is unacceptable. You should always encourage people to learn any local language, but don’t put them down if they don’t know it. And you shouldn’t include your parents’ names in it,” Khan mentioned. wrote on his social media account.

The dancer challenged him and eventually mentioned that “this is what I get to represent my city and win national accolades, that I have to prove myself to those bullies at Bengaluru airport.”

The incident brought on controversy and Khan receives assist from many individuals.

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