“Long, Boring One”: England Star Moeen Ali In ODI Format | CricketNews

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Ever because the England all-rounder’s retirement ben stokes from ODIs, questions are being requested concerning the 50-over format. Many gamers have expressed their concern concerning the rising cricket calendar with many teaching ODIs, how the format is shedding relevance these days. star in England Moeen Ali has spoken out in the present day, saying ODIs look like a “long, boring format”. He additionally talked about how taking part in all three codecs of the sport will not be sustainable for the time being.

“It’s all over the place at the moment. You’re trying to get some franchise gigs which are decent, but you miss some Test matches or the ODIs – that’s the scary bit, I think, because you want to play for England as long as you can. You don’t want to lose… I used to not want to rest when I was quite young,” ESPNcricinfo quoted Moeen as saying.

“Right now it’s not sustainable in my opinion. Something needs to be done because I’m afraid the 50-over format will disappear in a few years because it’s almost like long, boring, if that makes sense. It’s almost like you ‘ You have T20s, you have Test matches which are good and then the 50 overs are just in the middle – no importance is given to it at the moment,” he added.

Speaking additional on the identical matter, Moeen stated: “So yes, I think there is too much – personally, I feel there is too much going on. It’s great in a way, because there’s always cricket being played, but not it should come in the way of international cricket in my opinion.”

Moeen additionally stated that extra gamers are more likely to do what Stokes did and he additionally spoke about how gamers are more likely to go away a format to take care of their welfare.


“International cricket in all three formats is by far the best cricket to play. There is no doubt about that,” he stated. “But I’m concerned that there are so many tournaments out there that players are retiring more now — and you’re going to see more retirements soon — because of overlapping schedules,” Moeen stated.

After the collection in opposition to India, Stokes introduced that the primary ODI in opposition to South Africa can be the final within the format. After this, he additionally spoke concerning the cricket calendar, saying that crickets are usually not like vehicles that may be stuffed with petrol.

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