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Cochin: Kerala BJP Deputy Chairman KS Radhakrishnan on Monday attacked CPI-M politicians saying that “Marxist politicians are looting funds from temples”. BJP State Vice Chairman KS Radhakrishnan stated: “There is an irony in the attitude of communists in general towards places of worship. Theoretically, no communist can believe in God, temples, rituals, etc. Because they believe in dialectical and historical materialism, which never space out God and the rituals connected with it. Naturally, if they claim that they are communists, they cannot admit God. If they entertain God, the temples and the rituals, so they dilute the metaphysical aspects of Marxist philosophy. They cannot admit and they cannot entertain God and the temples, the places of worship.”

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“In Kerala, they observe self-defection. They wish to mission themselves because the protectors of spiritual religion. How can they be? No jackal can defend chickens, chickens can’t be protected by jackals.

Communists subsequently can’t defend locations of worship. Because they by no means imagine in God,” he claimed. Radhakrishnan’s views got here after an outdated video of retired Supreme Court Justice Indu Malhotra went viral on social media the place she is heard saying that “Communist governments have taken control of Hindu temples”.

She was referring to Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Kerala within the video. She may be heard saying that she, together with Judge UU Lalit, had stopped authorities takeovers of temples, similar to in Kerala, the place the state authorities, she says, is taking on temples “for income”, particularly Hindu temples.

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“I don’t think Indu Malhotra has said anything wrong in this matter. She has just revealed what happened in the past few days,” Radhakrishnan added. According to the BJP chief, a Marxist man can’t safeguard the curiosity of the temple and is simply within the earnings of the temple.

Speaking additional about Kerala and the hyperlinks of the Marxist rulers with him, Radhakrishnan stated: “In Kerala they are too within the temples and their governance. They wish to get again the cash from the temples. Why ought to they hold the temples underneath their care? How can they delegate a Marxist man to safeguard the curiosity of the temple? If he’s a Marxist, he can’t safeguard the curiosity of the temple. If they’ve curiosity or consideration in temples, it have to be primarily based on a single level. that, they are solely fascinated about temple earnings. Their curiosity is solely in wealth. This was stated by Indu Malhotra. That’s a truth.

KS Radhakrishnan stated that Marxist politicians loot funds from temples. “The establishments maintained by the Devaswom and Devaswom function on the expense of the Hindus. And all of the establishments maintained by the Devaswom have been opened as much as political events.

Politicians loot the fund. Especially Marxist politicians are looting temple funds in a technique or one other, seizing unlawful advantages, destroying their beliefs, and so they are both deceiving themselves or deceiving society,” stated the vp of the BJP.

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