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Meerut. Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Saturday launched a veiled assault on Congressman Rahul Gandhi over his comment within the UK. RS President LS stated the microphones have been by no means turned off in these assemblies after taking the oath. “I’m the president of Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha is a big panchayat the place the mikes have by no means been turned off. Someone comes out and says the mikes are turned off on this nation… sure there was a time through the emergency the place the microphones have been switched off, Deputy Speaker Jagdeep Dhankhar stated at an Ayurvedic occasion in Meerut.Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi instructed British MPs on Monday March 6, 2023 that the working microphones of the Indian Parliament are sometimes silenced towards the opposition.

Earlier on Thursday, Dhankhar stated that whereas India is having fun with its moments of glory within the G20 presidency, some parliamentarians are engaged in unfair and inconsiderate denigration of our well-nurtured democratic values. Vice President Dhankhar has printed a ebook on Mundaka Upanishad written by Dr. Karan Singh. Addressing the gathering on the occasion, Dhankhar stated India is probably the most useful democracy that has garnered world recognition. India is setting a worldwide narrative on many points.

“How ironic and painful! While the world applauds our historic achievements as a functioning and vibrant democracy, some of us, including parliamentarians, engage in unfair and thoughtless denigration of our well-nurtured democratic values. How can we justify such gratuitous orchestration of an unsustainable narrative,” he stated.

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘We cannot change our mics’ remarks in UK

At an occasion hosted by veteran Indian-born Labor opposition MP Virendra Sharma within the Grand Committee Room of the House of Commons in London, Gandhi used a defective microphone within the room to argue what he described as a “suffocation” of Opposition in India.

“Our mics aren’t broken, they’re working, but you still can’t turn them on. It’s happened to me several times as I speak,” Gandhi instructed the rally, in response to a query about sharing his political expertise in India along with his British counterparts.

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