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BEIJING: According to an article revealed within the American strategic enterprise journal Le Diplomate. In the article – ‘How is India perceived in China?’, Mu Chunshan, a journalist identified to investigate Chinese social media, particularly Sina Weibo, (much like Twitter in China), additionally mentioned that the Most Chinese consider that Modi-led India can preserve a steadiness amongst main nations on the earth. Sina Weibo has over 582 million energetic customers.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has an unusual nickname on the Chinese internet: Modi Laoxian. Laoxian refers to an old immortal with strange abilities. The nickname implies that Chinese netizens think Modi is different, even more amazing than other leaders” , did he declare.

They level to each his costume and bodily look, that are thought of Laoxian, and a few of his insurance policies, that are totally different from India’s earlier ones, Mu mentioned.

Regarding India’s relations with different main nations, he mentioned, whether or not it’s Russia, the United States or southern nations, India can have pleasant relations with everybody. of them, which is “very admirable” for some Chinese Internet customers.

“Thus, the word ‘Laoxian’ reflects the Chinese people’s complex sentiment towards Modi, combining curiosity, astonishment and perhaps a hint of cynicism,” Mu wrote.

“I have been reporting in international media for almost 20 years and it is rare for Chinese netizens to give a nickname to a foreign leader. Modi’s nickname stands out from all the others. Obviously, he marked the Chinese public opinion,” he mentioned. mentioned.

As effectively as internet hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping and former Prime Minister Li Keqiang, since coming to energy in 2014 Modi has additionally held two uncommon casual summits with Xi, 69, in Wuhan and later in Mamallapuram close to Chennai, which has raised expectations of improved relations between the 2 Asian giants.

Sino-Indian relations have hit all-time low following aggressive army actions by the Chinese army in jap Ladakh, violating agreements to resolve the border dispute, leading to an almost three-year army stalemate.

The two nations held 17 rounds of high-level army commander talks to resolve the deadlock.

India has maintained that relations with China can solely be regular if there may be peace within the border areas.

Modi can be well-known in China as he interacted with the Chinese public by way of his account on Sina Weibo which he opened in 2015 and had over 2.44 lakh followers.

However, he left Weibo in July 2020 after the Indian authorities determined to ban 59 Chinese apps to ship a “strong message at the border, on the economic front and at the personal level as well”, based on the secretary basic (group) of the BJP, BL Santhosh. .

In his article, Mu says that the Chinese view of India could be very difficult however typically based mostly on a way of superiority and self-confidence.

Significantly, he writes that Chinese netizens consider China’s makes an attempt to make use of its “all-weather ally” Pakistan are “unrealistic” as a result of the hole between the 2 South Asian neighbors “is narrowing.” expands”, an obvious reference to political and financial collapse. Pakistan is presently experiencing.

“The facts of the past nine years have proved that China and India have more room for cooperation. For example, China’s trade with India is worth 115 billion dollars a year” way over China’s commerce. China with Pakistan, which stands at round $30 billion,” Mu wrote.

“Of course, China has not forgotten about Pakistan. But many Chinese netizens have a realistic view of the two South Asian neighbors. The argument is very sober. The idea of ​​using Pakistan to restrain India becomes more unrealistic due to the gap between Pakistan and India widening,” he mentioned.

He additionally writes about Chinese apprehension relating to India’s rising recognition with Western nations, particularly with the United States and New Delhi’s dealing with of the Ukraine disaster with out disrupting its shut ties with Russia and America. .

“This is only one instance of a widespread notion in China. India is the West’s favourite, whereas China has turn out to be the West’s goal. How did India Why is India’s circle of worldwide mates so large?

Most Chinese individuals really feel a way of superiority and self-confidence in direction of India and naturally most Chinese individuals do not prefer to see India getting too near the United States, however they assume additionally that China and India can all the time cooperate, the article mentioned.

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