‘Mughals were invaders…’: Ramdev slams Congress MP over Hindustan remark

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Yoga guru Ramdev claimed on Tuesday that the Mughals were invaders and giving them credit score for uniting India is “absolutely wrong and absurd”. “The Mughals were invaders and from Babur, Humayun to Aurangzeb all invaded India, so glorifying them for the unification of India is absolutely wrong. It shows a colonial mindset. If the Mughals are credited for to have unified India, then it’s nonsense,” Ramdev informed ANI.

His remarks got here in response to the assertion made by Congressman Abdul Khaliq of Assam, who stated the Mughals were accountable for unifying India as ‘Hindustan’ and in addition stated that he (Khaliq) was pleased with them (Mughals).

“… India, which was divided into small (princely) states, was given the form of Hindustan. So I’m pleased with the Mughals, though I’m neither a Mughal nor their descendant. They gave a type and title Hindustan so I’m pleased with them,” the Congressman stated at this time.

Asked in regards to the 1671 Battle of Saraighat during which the Ahoms defeated the Mughals, Khaliq stated: “Assam was not attacked by the Mughals individually. Then the Mughals ruled India and had attacked Assam. Our Ahom army repeatedly defeated them,” he said further.

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