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NEW DELHI: The Chairman of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI), Dr NK Arora, assured that there was no must panic over the Covid-19 scenario in the nation, but to observe intently the surge of coronavirus infections in international international locations to include the unfold of the lethal virus. Dr Arora additionally confirmed that Indian authorities have stepped up genomic surveillance and began screening at airports.

The head of NTAGI knowledgeable that the testing of sewage samples didn’t establish any new variants of Covid-19 whereas including that this implies the opportunity of a resurgence of instances may be very much less.

“Sewage sampling is ongoing and again we are not getting any indication that a new variant is here or that there is a possibility of an upsurge in cases in the days or weeks to come,” he mentioned. mentioned the main well being professional.

Dr Arora mentioned India has remained in a “reasonably comfortable position” over the previous 12 months. “Our genomic surveillance system has identified almost 300 sub-variants of Omicron and they are spread all over the place. Every now and then a certain sub-line becomes dominant. But the important point is that over the years, we haven’t had any increases or massive increases in hospitalizations or deaths,” he mentioned.

“Another important point is that the Omicron variants that we see in India are pretty much the same as what you see in other parts of the world. And the second point is that they are not in able to gain a foothold, or cause hospitalization or serious illness,” the senior well being official added.

Dr Arora mentioned the nation didn’t must panic in regards to the general COVID scenario, nevertheless, he steered watching intently. “I might say the general scenario is one thing that we should not panic about. But the essential level is that we’ve got to watch very intently, given an upsurge in a number of the different international locations, European, North American and East- Asian international locations,” he mentioned.

On Monday, the Union Health Department additionally mentioned that “sentinel sequencing of 324 COVID optimistic samples reveals the presence of all Omicron variants in the group.

“No mortality or increased transmission has been reported in areas where these variants have been detected.”

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