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Kurukshetra. Congress chief Rahul Gandhi mentioned on Sunday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants everyone in the country to revere him as Congress focuses on “tapasya”. He mentioned the Bharat Jodo Yatra was towards spreading hatred and worry in society and he considers strolling a “tapasya”, suggesting that the Yatra is about austerity and self-meditation.
Targeting the RSS and the BJP, he mentioned they needed folks to worship them by drive utilizing wealth, capturing establishments and creating worry.

“RSS wants them to be forcibly worshipped. (PM Narendra) Modi ji wants that, that’s why he doesn’t meet you (the media), let him be worshiped and everyone in the country worships him,” alleged Gandhi.

Invoking the Bhagavad Gita, Gandhi mentioned, “…Do your work, what must happen will happen, do not focus on the result, that is the thought of this Yatra.”

He mentioned that hatred spreads by dividing the folks of the country.

“Hindus-Muslims, people of different castes are pitted against each other,” he added.

On the Yatra, Gandhi mentioned, “We see it as tapasya”.

The Congress believes in ‘tapasya’ whereas the BJP is a “pooja organization”, he advised a information convention in Samana, close to right here. It was the tenth press convention the Congress chief has addressed as a part of the Yatra to this point.

The BJP and RSS don’t respect ‘tapasya’ however need individuals who do their ‘pooja’ (worship) solely to be revered, he added.

Gandhi mentioned the aim of the Yatra can be to permit folks to listen to the true voice of the country.

Responding to a query, Gandhi mentioned: “One factor I understood is that this combat is definitely not political, superficially it’s a political combat. When we combat BSP or TRS then it’s a political battle. But there was a change in the country.

“The day when the RSS controlled the institutions of this country, the fight did not remain political. Now it has become a different fight. You can call it ideology fight, dharam ki fight, or you can give it any frame, but it’s not a political fight.”

“If you look at the history of the Congress party, what you (reporter) said, there is an energy among the workers. It is a ‘tapasya’ organization,” he added.

“The BJP is a ‘sangathan of pooja’,” Gandhi mentioned, including that the BJP and the RSS need folks to worship them.

He mentioned the response from Congress is just one and that’s “tapasya” and nothing else.

“That’s why this Yatra is a success. Because not only Congress or one individual is doing ‘tapasya’, but thousands of people are also doing ‘tapasya’, that’s the message of the Yatra,” Gandhi emphasised. .

He mentioned there should be respect for ‘tapasya’, talent and laborious work.

He added, “BJP and RSS say there should be no respect for ‘tapasya’ and those that follow their ‘pooja’ (worship) should be revered. And with this framework, you envision the Demonetization Did demonetization respect the tapasya of the poor? Certainly not. It was an assault on the tapasya.

“The BJP and the RSS are dragging the country into a ‘forced pooja’ with the use of wealth, the capture of institutions and the fear of people,” he alleged.

“They also want you (the media) to worship them,” the congress chief mentioned.

“That’s why the prime minister doesn’t come in front of you (media)… So it’s a fight between ‘tapasya’ and ‘pooja’. Our organization is tapasya,” he mentioned.

The Yatra has made it clear that it’s a ‘tapasya’ group and that (the BJP) is ‘pooja ka sangathan’, he added.

Referring to Lord Shiva, Gandhi mentioned, “You must have seen this symbol (of the palm). What is its meaning? You will say ‘ashirwad’. It is not ashirwad, it is abhaya murdra. don’t be afraid. It’s a signal for tapasya, do your job, do your tapasya and don’t be afraid.”

“That’s why, it is the symbol of Congress. I have researched it. I will tell him another day how this symbol came about and you will be surprised,” he mentioned, including that Guru Nanak Dev and the Buddha have been additionally seen with abhaya mudra.

“The fight for independence was a fight for ‘tapasya’. These people had gotten ‘pooja’ by the British. That’s a story,” Gandhi mentioned, with out naming anybody.

Asked in regards to the half-sleeved t-shirt he wears through the Yatra regardless of the biting chilly, Gandhi replied, “You (the media) made me scold. ‘Mama ne daant maar di mujhe ke tum kaise ghum rahe ho (Mother advised me why you might be wandering like this),” he mentioned.

Asked how the Yatra modified its picture, Gandhi replied: “Rahul Gandhi is in your thoughts. It’s not in my thoughts. The particular person you’re looking at just isn’t Rahul Gandhi. He is seen to you . You didn’t perceive?

“Read Hindu faith and about Lord Shiva you’ll perceive Rahul Gandhi is in your thoughts it isn’t on my thoughts Rahul Gandhi is on BJP thoughts it isn’t on my thoughts .I’ve nothing to do with the picture; I’ve no curiosity in the picture.”

When requested if he was a ‘tapasavi’ (ascetic), Gandhi replied: “This country is tapasvis. People say what number of miles Rahul Gandhi walks however why do not folks say what number of miles farmers the place the employees stroll.

“Because we don’t respect ‘tapasya’, but I do. So this change has to be brought about. This country is tapasvis, it’s not pujaris. This is the reality. If this country is to become a superpower , so you have to respect the tapasvis, the producers and they have to be protected,” he added.

When requested what he thought was the results of this Yatra, Gandhi referred to Arjuna being targeted on putting the attention of a revolving fish in the Mahabharata epic.

“When Arjuna was aiming for the eye of a fish, he said what he would do next…There is a meaning to that…It is there in the Gita, which is to do your work, what has to happen will happen don’t focus on the result, that’s the thought of this yatra,” he mentioned.

After the Yatra, there shall be extra get together packages, which is able to proceed, Gandhi mentioned.

On the Kanyakumari stroll in Kashmir, which presently crosses Haryana, Gandhi mentioned she acquired an amazing response and discovered so much through the journey to this point.

He mentioned there are financial inequalities in the country and wealth, media and different establishments are managed by just a few folks.

The Yatra, which began from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu on September 7, will finish after reaching Srinagar on January 30 with Gandhi hoisting the nationwide flag there. The march has to this point coated Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

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