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Ever since Rahul Gandhi braved the chilly Delhi t-shirt, Congress and the BJP have traded barbs on the problem. While Congress branded Rahul Gandhi an ascetic for wearing solely a t-shirt within the harsh winter, BJP leaders claimed that Gandhi wore thermals indoors. With the controversy large open, Rahul Gandhi immediately reveals the real reason he gave up wearing sweaters.

Speaking at Bharat Jodo Yatra in Kurukshetra, Gandhi stated, “They (BJP and media) don’t understand the problem. Someone asks, why am I wearing a t-shirt? Why am I wearing a t-shirt? white shirt? They said he doesn’t feel cold. Let me tell you first why am I wearing a t-shirt. When this yatra started, Kerala was scorching hot. I also had felt like taking off the t-shirt. We are sweating, the humidity was high in Kerala. When I reached Madhya Pradesh, the weather started to get slightly chilly. One day in the morning, three poor children came towards me in ripped shirts they were shaking when i held them…..that day i decided until i wear a t-shirt.when i start to shiver and get cold i will think to wear a sweater. I want to send a message to these three girls that if they are cold, Rahul Gandhi is also cold. On the day they wear sweaters, Rahul Gandhi wears will also be sweaters,” he stated to the cheers of the gang.

Hitting the BJP and the RSS, Rahul Gandhi alleged that twenty first century Kauravas put on half khaki pants and lead ‘shakhas’. “Next to them are the 2-3 richest people in the country,” he stated.

Gandhi claimed that the RSS folks by no means chanted ‘Har Har Mahadev’ as a result of Lord Shiva was a ‘Tapasavi’ and these individuals are attacking the ‘Tapasya’ of India. “They have removed Goddess Sita from ‘Jai Siya Ram’. These people are working against Indian culture,” Gandhi informed Kurukshetra.

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