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Patna: Bihar Education Minister Chandrashekhar has stoked bitter controversy by claiming that ‘Ramcharitmanas’, an epic Hindu non secular e-book primarily based on the Ramayana, is ‘spreading hatred in society’. Chandrashekhar made the remarks whereas addressing college students on the fifteenth convocation ceremony of Nalanda Open University throughout which he described Ramcharitmanas and Manusmriti as society-dividing books. “Why was Manusmriti burnt as many abuses were committed there against a large part. Why did Ramcharitmanas resist and which part did he resist? The lower caste people have no not allowed access to education and it is said in the Ramcharitmanas that people of lower caste become poisonous by getting an education like a snake becomes after drinking milk.”

The Minister stated that “Manusmriti and Ramcharitmanas” are books that unfold hatred in the society as they forestall backward Dalits and society ladies from getting education. “Manusmriti, Ramcharitmanas, Bunch of Thoughts by Guru Golwalkar…these books are books that spread hate. Hate will not make the country great, love will make the country great,” he added.

Earlier this month, Kerala minister and communist chief MB Rajesh made the same assertion about Manusmriti saying the merciless caste system is predicated on Manusmriti. Speaking on a Varkala Sivagiri Mutt programme, Rajesh had stated: “If Kerala has an acharya it is Guru Sree Narayana and not Adi Shankaracharya. Shankaracharya was a defender of the cruel caste system based on Manusmriti. Guru Sree Narayana worked to eliminate the caste system Shankaracharya not only supported the caste system but was also its spokesperson.

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