Russia to quit International Space Station partnership with US ‘after 2024’: Roscosmos official

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Amid the continuing confrontation between Washington and Moscow over the struggle in Ukraine, the Russian house company will finish its partnership on the International Space Station “after 2024,” the AFP information company reported, citing Roscosmos officers.

The resolution comes weeks after the US criticized Russian astronauts for utilizing the house station to advance political narratives after cosmonauts displayed flags of Ukrainian territories managed by Russian forces. Nasa had mentioned: “It strongly censures Russia for using the International Space Station for political purposes to support its war against Ukraine, which is fundamentally inconsistent with the station’s primary function among the 15 international participating countries of advancing science and technology for.” to develop peaceable functions.”

The improvement additionally got here simply days after a Russian and European astronaut spacewalked collectively to connect a robotic arm to Russia’s Nauka module, which had lately arrived on the flight lab.

Russian cosmonaut throughout a spacewalk outdoors the house station. (Photo: NASA)


Relations between the 2 nuclear powers have been at an all-time low after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared struggle on Ukraine nearly 4 months in the past. While the connection was on the rocks, collaboration between Nasa and Roscosmos continued in house, with the Russian house company even supporting the return of an American astronaut on its Soyuz spacecraft.

Mark Vande Hei landed in a Soyuz capsule in Kazakhstan with the Russian Space Agency’s Pyotr Dubrov, who had additionally spent the previous yr in house, and Anton Shkaplerov.

The Russian house company lately underwent a management change after Putin changed his vocal supporter Dmitri Rogozin as head of the Russian house company and appointed Yuri Borisov, a deputy prime minister in command of the arms trade.

Rogozin was identified for bickering with the West when it got here to their cooperation on the house station. He had warned about it in April strict cooperation on the International Space Stationsaying that both the donkey will die or the ISS will die by its personal loss of life.

In January this yr, the United States prolonged the house station’s mission schedule to 2030. (Photo: NASA)


Orbiting the earth each 92 minutes, the flying outpost has been a fixture for individuals because the early Nineties. Almost 110 international locations have been concerned in analysis and experiments carried out in zero gravity on the station, which flies at 27,576 km/h.

The US had in January of this yr extended the space station’s mission schedule to 2030which continues the partnership between the European Space Agency, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the Canadian Space Agency and the Russian firm Roscosmos.

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