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Sakat Chauth is one of a very powerful Hindu festivals. In Sakat Chauth, moms worship Lord Ganesha and Sakat Mata for lengthy and wholesome life of their children. On this day, ladies quick and consider that those that observe this quick, Lord Ganesha will grant them particular blessings and put an finish to all the issues within the lives of their children.

According to the Hindu calendar, Sakat Chauth is well known yearly on the Chaturthi (fourth day) of Krishna Paksha of the month of Magh. Besides Sakat Chauth, it is usually often known as Sankashti Chaturthi, Tilkut, Magh Chaturthi.

According to Indian mythology, Sakat Mata is a type of the goddess Durga. Worshiping Sakat Mata ends the disaster that befalls children, blessing them with lengthy life and good well being. On this day devotees additionally worship the Lambodar type of Lord Ganesha and search blessings of happiness and prosperity in life.

Story of Sakat Chauth:

For a few years, in a village there lived a potter. He used to make nice pottery and bake them in a kiln, however someday when he positioned the utensils within the kiln, the fireplace didn’t bake the utensils. After repeated unsuccessful makes an attempt, he went to the king to ask for assist. The king consulted the excessive priest (Rajpurohit) to ask him for an answer to this unusual incident. The Rajpurohit instructed {that a} youngster be provided every time the pot was ready.

After listening to the Rajpurohit, the king ordered that every time the oven was prepared, every household ought to give their very own youngster as a sacrifice. One by one, all of the households began giving one of the children to obey the king. After just a few days, it was the flip of an outdated lady who had just one son. It was Sakat Chauth day. The outdated lady gave Sakat betel nut and betel leaf to her solely son as collateral and instructed that he pray to Goddess Sakat within the oven. She herself worshiped the Sakat Mata praying for her son’s security.

This time, by the grace of Sakat Mata, the oven, which took a number of days to prepare dinner, was ready in a single evening. The subsequent morning, when the potter got here to examine the kiln, he was shocked to see it. Not solely did they discover the outdated lady’s son protected and sound, however the different children have been additionally alive. After this incident, moms worship Goddess Sakat and pray to guard their children from any untoward incident.

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