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Videos of Turkish ice cream vendors teasing prospects with a dollop of chewy ice cream are frequent on the web lately, with most prospects falling for his or her pranks. However, a video went viral of a buyer who was fed up with the salespeople’s tips. Losing all persistence for a scoop of ice cream, the person tried to grab the stick from the seller.

The video clip of the confrontation between the Turkish ice cream man and the client was uploaded to Twitter and went viral. In the video, the person waited a couple of minutes earlier than grabbing the ice cream vendor’s stick and started transferring it aggressively from one path to a different. He then took a chunk of the dessert straight from the seller’s massive spoon, offering a hilarious sight to the large crowd gathered round.

Later, when the vendor supplied him a handkerchief, he very roughly snatched it from his fingers, pleased with himself. “I feel like this is how I would react if I ran into one of these vendors lol,” learn the caption posted with the music video.

The clip went viral with over 2 million views on Twitter, with many customers voicing their views within the feedback part.

One Twitter person wrote, “He wants a show so he gave him the show he wanted.” While one other stated: “Almost broke the dude’s arm.”

“We all know this guy at parties. The guy you love to film once but never invite again,” one person wrote. Another person commented, “This guy said I’m not playing with you.”

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