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New Delhi: The Congress on Saturday (July 23, 2022) demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi sack Union Minister Smriti Irani, alleging that an “illegal bar” in Goa was run by her daughter, a cost she denied is.

In an announcement, the lawyer of Irani’s daughter Kirat Nagra stated his shopper is just not an proprietor or operator of the restaurant referred to as Silly Souls Goa and has not obtained any discover from any authority as alleged.

Nagra stated a number of “erroneous, frivolous, malicious and defamatory social media posts made by various established quarters to try to settle political scores with our client’s mother, renowned politician Smriti Irani, each based on blatant falsehoods”.

The lawyer termed the fees as “baseless”, “It is unfortunate that they have resorted to spreading a false propaganda just to sensationalize a non-issue without establishing true facts and with a pre-determined purpose to slander our client solely because he is the daughter of a political leader.”

Commenting that it’s a “very serious issue”, the Congress additionally shared a duplicate of the present trigger discover given to the bar and stated that the excise officer who issued the discover is being transferred following stress from the authorities .

Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera instructed reporters there are severe prices of corruption in opposition to Irani’s household and her daughter allegedly runs a restaurant in Goa, in which a bar operates on a “fake licence”.

“The license by Smriti Irani’s daughter is in the name of a person who died in May 2021 and the license was taken in Goa in June 2022. But the person in whose name the license is died 13 months ago . It’s illegal. ,” he instructed reporters.

He stated as per Goa guidelines a restaurant can get just one bar license however this restaurant has two bar licenses.

“We demand from the Prime Minister that Smriti Irani should be sacked as a Union Cabinet minister immediately. You owe it to this country, to the youth of this country,” he stated.

Asked about Irani attacking Rahul Gandhi, the Congress chief stated, “There can be no comparison between something as noble as running a newspaper and something like running an illegal bar in Goa.”

“Was this done without her knowledge and was the license given without her influence,” he requested.

He additionally claimed that non-public safety bouncers have been deployed across the restaurant in Goa to maintain the media off limits.

“We want to know from you under whose influence this is being done. Who is behind this illegal work,” he requested.

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