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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as we speak slammed Congress chief Rahul Gandhi accusing him of trying to divide Hindus. BJP spokesman Shehzad Poonawala mentioned it was within the DNA of Congress to divide and conquer. He mentioned it’s the identical Congress that coined the time period saffron terrorist and mocked the Hindu Astha. Poonawala was reacting to Rahul Gandhi’s comment that BJP and RSS do not respect ‘Tapasvis’.

“Congress has Divide & Rule DNA and they’re dividing the Hindus once more! They have tried to divide the nation time and time once more, dividing it into neighborhood situation traces, dividing it into caste traces, and now the most recent is their disgusting try to divide Hindus. Whether it’s ‘Tapasvi’ or ‘Pujari’, each are necessary. Hindu faith is Sanatan faith. But Rahul Gandhi says -yeh desh Tapasviyon ka samman nahi karta, ye desh pujariyon ka nahi hai. Respect Tapasya and Tapasvis however why denigrate Pujaris for that? It exhibits his mentality…. This is similar Congress occasion that known as Hindutva ISIS and Boko Haram. They known as the Hindu of soiled and terrorist. Congress has all the time mocked the Hindu Astha – from saffron garments to questioning the existence of Shri Ram!” Poonawala mentioned.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi mentioned as we speak that the BJP and RSS don’t respect ‘tapasya’ however need individuals who apply their ‘pooja’ (worship) to be solely revered. Gandhi mentioned the aim of the Yatra can also be to permit folks to hear the true voice of the nation.

“The BJP is a ‘pooja bloodthan’,” he mentioned, including that the BJP and the RSS need folks to ‘revere’ their leaders. “RSS wants them to be forcibly worshipped. (PM Narendra) Modi ji wants it, that’s why he doesn’t meet you (media), let him be forcibly worshipped and everyone in the country worships him” , alleged Gandhi.

He added, “BJP and RSS say there must be no respect for ‘tapasya’ and people who do their ‘pooja’ (worship), solely they need to be revered. Did she respect the ‘tapasya’ of the poor? Certainly not. It was an assault on ‘tapasya.’

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