‘Why are all the projects only in Rajgir’: BJP MLA attacks Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

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Bihar BJP MLA Vinay Bihari on Monday questioned Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s resolution to construct a movie metropolis and cricket stadium in Rajgir, a city in CM’s dwelling district of Nalanda.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (file picture)

Vinay Bihari, a BJP MLA in Bihar, on Monday attacked Prime Minister Nitish Kumar, asking why the projects to construct a movie metropolis and a world cricket stadium have been being dropped at Rajgir. Rajgir is a city in the Prime Minister’s dwelling district, Nalanda.

According to Vinay, whereas he was Minister of Arts and Culture, he wished to construct a world cricket stadium in the state capital of Patna, however the venture was taken to Rajgir. He additionally urged constructing a movie metropolis in Valmiki Nagar, however this venture was additionally taken up in Rajgir.

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Vinay, who can also be a filmmaker from Bhojpuri, stated: “I bet Nitish Kumar doesn’t know as much about filmmaking as I do. I chose Valmiki Nagar because the temperature there is often pleasant, unlike Rajgir, which has an extreme climate.”

“Only Prime Minister Nitish Kumar, the Arts and Culture Minister and the two BJP Deputy Prime Ministers could say why all the projects are being brought to Rajgir,” Vinay stated.

He additionally slammed the Prime Minister over the gradual tempo of development of the movie metropolis and cricket stadium, saying little or no progress had been made since work started in 2014.

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