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A video of BJP MP Alwar Balanknath Yogi has gone viral on social media by which the lawmaker might be seen straight confronting and threatening Alwar DSP Anand Rao. The BJP MP and his supporter flanked Behror Police Station the place a number of the Congress and BJP supporters have been detained for questioning in a capturing case.

“You are the biggest jerk in uniform. Remember my name all your life, I will not let you down at any cost. The current police station is in charge of Vinod Sankhla, MP Baljeet Yadav and you are on my list. You should be told my name every day for nine months. You will regret it all your life thinking about why you made that mistake,” Balaknath stated.

The BJP MP stated the rule of the Congress celebration will finish in 9 months and after that the police will remorse their actions. In the video, one other police officer was seen making an attempt to calm issues down.

Throwing a direct menace at Rao, the MP stated: “He will regret this all his life. I will not let this man live in peace all his life.”

On January 5, there was a capturing on the gangster Vikram alias Laden in Behror. Ramphal Gurjar, the defendant on this case, was seen on stage in a program with BJP State Chairman Satish Poonia and MP Balaknath. Acting, the police detained 4 native Congress and BJP leaders for questioning as they have been seen with the accused Ramphal Gurjar. For this purpose, staff from either side surrounded the police station and demanded the discharge of the 4 folks.

Baba Balaknath solely returned from the police station after the Rajasthan Chief Police Officer assured him of a good investigation inside 5 days. Later, the BJP MP stated that everybody will get salvation if the matter just isn’t resolved inside 5 days. (With contributions from the company)

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